What to Expect when You Stop By

Perhaps if you’ve just stumbled upon this new blog you’re asking yourself, “I wonder what this is going to be about? I wonder if it will be worth my time?”

I’m glad you asked those questions. Allow me to answer them in order. First, what is this blog going to be about? I can’t predict everything that will be on my mind at any given time. What I can predict is what I enjoy, and thus, what I’ll likely be writing about on a regular basis. I’m in ministry, like officially. I have a framed piece of paper that says I’m an ordained pastor, which means I’m legit. What it doesn’t mean is that I’m a great pastor–I’m really not, but don’t tell my church. So along the way expect posts about pastoring, mostly mistakes I’ve made. Even if you aren’t a pastor, and you’re probably wiser than me if you aren’t, I think posts of the pastoral nature will still be meaningful because I’ll always make the “practical” application. I put practical in dramatic quotes because in sermons the pastor will often reach the end of his/her 30-35 minutes and with 5 minutes left say, “And now, let’s talk about how to apply this.” In other words, “Everything I’ve said up until this point has been impractical and forgettable, and if I don’t give you three points of application you may not come back next week.”

I’ll also write about current cultural trends and issues. I won’t keep you updated on the latest celebrity couple news or anything like that, but I will write about anything in the news that made me pause or open my mouth in awe. Those things will range from the sad to tragic to downright absurd. For instance, anything Kardashian is probably absurd, but if there’s a valid life lesson to be learned, I won’t hesitate to write it.

Finally, I will write about Christianity and faith in general. It bothers me that Christians tend to have a bad name. If you walk up to the average person and say, “What do you think about Christians?” I’m doubtful they will describe what Jesus said Christians are supposed to be…I’m 96.8% sure they’ll say something along the lines of what the book unChristian describes. Christians are too political, hypocritical, judgmental, sheltered, etc. That being the case, I’ll write many posts along the lines of what you might read on Jon Acuff’s blog Stuff Christians Like. Jon uses satire in order to open the eyes of Christians to the subculture that goes along with being a Christian–for instance, having to secretly find out if your new friends drink alcohol or how to block someone else’s prayer request. It’s quite easy as a Christian to become goofy and somewhat irrelevant to the world around, and satire is more helpful in pointing this out than outright cynicism or sarcasm (though these two crazy cousins might show up unexpectedly at times). All around, I think we’ll have a good time here.

As for whether it will be worth your time: I sure hope so. If it’s not worth your time then I probably wasted my time writing it. That being said, I’m always open to your feedback, questions, comments, outrage, or whatever you want to throw my way. This whole experience will be more fun if it’s a conversation. If you don’t talk it’s just a sermon, and I already do that every week.

Stay classy…

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