God’s Word or Fictional Thriller?

As part of my morning devotions I’ve been reading in 2 Peter, and this morning especially it got pretty crazy–as crazy as a “quiet time” reading can get anyways. 2 Peter 3.10 is where it went Sci-Fi for me: “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done will be exposed.”

I envision the planet earth literally melting into a blob of nothingness, which doesn’t bode well for anything on the earth! Sadly, even if unicorns did exist we’d never find them at that point. But anyone, spiritually super or not, has to admit that this just sound like it’s a scene in a James Cameron movie.

But the reality of what will happen in that day when God decides to play His hand is actually more comforting than scary. Yes, there will be judgment and all that we’ve done in word and deed will be exposed. But that leads to a new heaven and a new earth–the word for ‘new’ there carries a meaning like our word renovated. So it’ll be like a giant HGTV project! Or Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Only far better and with no annoying hosts.

This renovation paves the way for righteousness to dwell for eternity. No more injustice. In fact, all injustices of old will have been corrected. Pain will never be felt again. Sorrow will be banished. And the greatest reality of all is that sin will have no place to dwell…not in us, not in creation.

While it may seem Sci-Fi, the day is coming. This should give us a renewed sense of urgency in spreading the news of Christ and living lives worthy of the name of Jesus. The Lord is patient, not wanting any to perish. But the day is coming, and our mission is clear. Slow fade to black and dramatic conclusion music…..


  1. Duana · February 6, 2011

    Any thoughts on the multiple natural disasters occurring around the world? I’ve seen some

    • Duana · February 6, 2011

      Sorry…. to finish: I’ve seen some encouragements to “keep watch”

      • patricklmitchell · February 7, 2011

        If I catch what you’re asking, I understand the biblical notion of “signs of the time” in relation to when the Second Coming of Christ may be. But I don’t dabble at all in trying to guess when Jesus may return. I know he will. And I know it will be more than our minds can conceive. Natural disasters certainly point us to Christ’s return, but they also–and perhaps more importantly for now–remind us of our sin and the necessary sacrifice of Jesus. Romans 8 is great to read on that.

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