What I’ve Discovered about Blogging

I’ve been blogging now for just over a week, and it’s been a wild ride. So it hasn’t actually been a wild ride, because it is blogging, but I do want to share what I’ve discovered and/or learned in this week.

1. I like writing. Self-centered I know, and I make my confession to you personally-just you, nobody else. But I enjoy the process quite a bit. I’m ready to spend 3 months in a secluded cabin with just my thoughts, mac,  Lindsey and Bailey dog and food.

2. There’s pressure in feeling like I have to entertain you to keep you coming back. That being said, I’m just going to write what I like and hope you find some kind of connection to it and usefulness for it.

3. Blogging can be just one more outlet for pride to be cultivated and find expression. I’ve already had thoughts of “How many visits has the blog had today?” “I wonder if the blog will ever blow up-in a good way?” “I wonder if John Piper has read the blog. If so, what did he think?” The ongoing question will be, can I blog for your good and God’s glory and not my own self-aggrandizing agenda? It can be done. I’ve seen it.

Thanks for reading over the course of the first week. Is there anything that you especially liked or didn’t like in the posts?

One comment

  1. Bobby · February 20, 2011

    My wife Jessica sent me a link to your blog and told me to check it out. I think our wives went to school together. I’ve been blogging (this time) since Oct. Mostly just ramblings that no one but me cares about but it’s nice to keep track of it. I love looking through my old notebooks and having pity on the less mature me. By God’s grace I’ll say the same thing next year as I look back on today. Keep writing, I’ll add you to my reader.

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