Better than Being Picked for Kickball

Bryan Fakes is a pastor at one of our Harvester Christian campuses, and this morning he did a great job leading our pastors in a reflection out of Ephesians 1.3-5. These verses, penned by the apostle Paul, have meant more and more to me over the past couple of years. Paul writes in similar language elsewhere so the big idea becomes unavoidable: God chose me.

For what, you ask? To be adopted as his son through Jesus Christ according to the purpose of his [God’s] will…. That may not mean much to you. But it’s everything to me. Bryan told a story of a friend who was adopted at a young age, and he cannot help but get emotional when thinking about the fact that his parents could have chosen any other child, but they chose him. Is that a point of pride? Absolutely not. It’s humbling–most humbling. We all remember the childhood anxiety and self-esteem crises that came with standing in line to be picked for kickball. But, in kickball, if you get picked it’s a point of pride (so long as you aren’t last) because it means you’re better than someone. Not so with God.

In spite of who I am and what I would do, God chose me. I wouldn’t choose me. But he did. I can spend the rest of my life asking why, which I will do to a certain extent, but I trust that he has a purpose for me in the scheme of things. So I have responsibility to cultivate the gifts and abilities he’s given me and to capitalize on opportunities he affords for me to do his work in this world.

You may or may not be a follower of Jesus. If not, I’d ask you to deeply consider what’s keeping you from becoming one. Feel free to share your hindrances with me.

If you are a Christian, what does Ephesians 1.3-5 stir in you?

One comment

  1. Bobby · February 20, 2011

    It stirs the unsearchable wonder that I would be given “every spiritual blessing” in Christ and a longing to take hold of Him so that I might know what is the “purpose of His will”.

    OH! To the praise of his glorious grace!!

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