Get Your Own Little Green Guy!

Luke Skywalker had the little greenish wisdom source we know as Yoda, but who do you have? I spoke on the phone yesterday with my Yoda. Though not green, nor older than the earth, and not a weird talker, Mike–my Yoda–is who I’d like to be when I grow up. When he speaks, my soul is soothed. My heart feels like it’s drinking deeply of life-giving water. And my mind feels as if it’s been renewed in even the briefest of conversations.

So who’s your Yoda? Who’s the person that can help you get back to ‘center’ when you get off balance? Who asks questions that get beyond the surface and into the depths of your soul? If you don’t have a Yoda, studies say you’ll turn into Darth Vader–and that’s not good, ever.

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