Why God! Why?!?!

A phrase like this is the only way God’s name will be spoken by some people. And it usually follows a tragedy, like that of the recent earthquake in New Zealand or a personal tragedy of some kind. In those moments, whether Christian or not, doubts can arise. Naming those doubts is an important exercise–whether Christian or not. I recently read that Satan has one lie and it’s to make us doubt God’s character. We doubt whether God really cares, whether he really loves, whether he’s in control, etc.

So when you begin to question God, don’t hesitate to do so. Ask questions. But seek honest answers too. John Ortberg rightly says that “People who do not want there to be a God will find a way to believe that there is no God.” It’s a healthy thing to doubt our doubts and find what’s really at the core of them.

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