Need your help answering a question: What Will Heaven be Like?

Seriously, I’m asking you. What will Heaven be like? Our church is getting ready to do a series on Heaven leading up to Easter, culminating with the Resurrection of course and a discussion of our own resurrected bodies. A friend of mine, Jeff Vines, did a great three-part series on Heaven when we were in Savannah that made me think about Heaven in a completely new way.

We often think of Heaven as an eternal worship service, which for many people is no Heaven at all. But what will it be like? What will we be like? How many Heavens are there? Where is Heaven? Who will be there? These are all important, yet rarely asked or discussed questions. That being the case, I’m really looking forward to preparing the series for VIVE, our 18-29 ministry.

So my question for you: what question(s) do you have about Heaven? Please please let me know! Or feel free to let me know what you’ve heard about Heaven.

7 thoughts on “Need your help answering a question: What Will Heaven be Like?

  1. I remember Ben Merold a few years ago, not long before he retired, did a series on what Heaven will be like. I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember him saying it will be Earth, only purified, and that our bodies will be purified physical bodies. I remember what I really got out of it was that Heaven will be a very real, “physical” place, and that it will be radically unlike anything we can imagine here.

    • And yet, even though we consider it unlike anything we can imagine, isn’t it kind of fun to imagine what it would be like to have no physical limitations with a perfected physical body? I mean Jesus was walking through walls with his resurrected body–that’s pretty cool. Good memory from years ago Caleb, and it’s good to know someone listens during sermons!

  2. Heaven is gonna be awesome, lacrosse fields will fill the terrain, La-Z-Boys will be plentiful, flat screen tvs will fill the sky, Cajun food willbe served at every meal, and the weather will always be warm and tropical.

  3. It won’t be pearly and white. I think it’ll be us just with god, and each other, not bound to sin, enjoying all of gods new creations, and just living-stress free, worry free, pain free

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