Don’t Camouflage your Crazy

I’ve become a more passionate fan. Don’t be fooled though. Passionate is just camouflage for “crazy.” You too are this kind of fan if your team’s success rate has any effect on your mood. I.e., you’re upset and grumpy when they lose. You’re happy and accidentally start sing-talking normal phrases when they win. During the game you’re up and down if it’s close at all. The officials rarely call the game right (if your team is down). The other team is soooo lucky (if your team is down). And my favorite (if my team loses)–“they just beat themselves.” Right, couldn’t possibly be that the other team was just better.

My craziness shines during basketball season.  Duke basketball is my vice. There’s no reason I should be a fan (which Maryland Terrapin Zach Bolen has pointed out in his own bitter rage). At least he’s from Maryland though. I’m not from North Carolina, though Tennessee does border NC. I was rejected when I applied to graduate school at Duke. Yet I have an unending love for that school (and I’ve only been there once–which was awesome!). So congratulations to Duke for winning yet another ACC title and another 1-seed in the NCAA tournament.

I heard Matt Chandler say once that it’s absurd when grown men are getting angry and emotional over the performance of college athletes (or any athlete for that matter). If that does happen to you, then it’s possible sports or that team in particular have too strong a hold on you. So what kind of fan are you? Are you a crazy fan?


  1. Caleb Reed · March 14, 2011

    I’m that way when it comes to Nebraska football. I grew up watching them just absolutely OWN everybody through the 90’s, and now I get upset when they go 10-4. I just about cried this past year when we lost to Texas [a game I attended, by the way].

    I’ll always be a Nebraska fan, no matter what happens. GBR.

    • patricklmitchell · March 14, 2011

      Yeah, if Duke loses I wonder if the earth shifted off its axis for a bit. I like the Huskers though

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