Heaven now: destination? or origination?

We’ve all though of heaven in terms of a destination, a place we go when we die, and there’s some truth in that. But Jesus talks more of the kingdom being our destination. Is heaven as we know it now the kingdom of which Jesus speaks? I don’t believe so. The kingdom is a power that is currently being manifested and will one day be fully visible. Heaven (as we know it now) will collide with earth and a renovation like no other will take place. But what does that mean of heaven now?

Well instead of a destination, in Scripture, when you read about Jesus praying to God who is in the heavens and you read of God speaking from the heavens, and in much of the Old and New Testament when an angel comes from heaven with a message, it seems that instead of a destination, heaven acts as a place of origination; a source of heavenly things.

Throughout history, beginning with Creation, God invades human space from heaven/the heavens. So heaven now it would seem is more about the presence of God. When we die we go to “heaven,” but more pointedly, we go to be in the presence of God. Eternal heaven, i.e., the kingdom of heaven, is yet to come in its fullest sense.

Clear as mud?

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  1. Yommie · April 9, 2011

    Love your aspiration in the “About” section of your blog. God bless.

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