Are You an Easter Idolater? Not talking Bunnies

Easter comes upon us with great notice. We have Lent to prepare our hearts and minds. Then we have Holy Week to really focus on what matters. Finally a bunny comes and brings candy–at least that’s what kids remember. Of course the grand finale is a celebration of the risen Christ, of which Paul said we are to be pitied if he didn’t rise from the dead.

But what of  Easter idolatry? This is what happens in churches across America (and likely the world, but I doubt as much as in the states). Monday morning–though for some Sunday night–a church employee feverishly tabulated the attendance for Easter weekend. The final number will be announced soon, if not already. First to the staff. Then to the church body. People will clap (even if the number isn’t as big as hoped for, just to be polite). The final number could be engraved and put up next to the previous year’s number, but only if larger than its predecessor.

Patrick, why so cynical?!? Not cynical. Cautious.

May we avoid making Easter attendance an idol that brings us a sense of accomplishment or acceptance or boasting. The appropriate question is whether people responded in faith to the Gospel. But, even then, we mustn’t place our worth in that number. I believe more soul conversion will happen via the Holy Spirit throughout the weeks following Easter.

Seeds were planted. Soil was cultivated. Sprouts were watered. May we pray feverishly that God will save and sustain. Glory be to the risen King!

One comment

  1. patricklmitchell · May 2, 2011

    Let me say for the record that our pastor, Brian Jobe, handled this whole phenomenon very well. The celebration wasn’t about attendance but those who made decisions and responded to God’s call on their life.

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