What I Didn’t Learn in Seminary

I’m writing a book. Okay, millions of people are “writing a book” that will never be finished, or will be finished but never published. Whether it ever gets published I don’t know, but I AM going to finish this thing (and I don’t use I AM in the Yahweh, God of Israel sense–just so we’re clear).

In order to test the waters on whether this book is something anyone would be interested in, I’m going to write a series of blogs on some of the issues I have in mind. I’ll use my mistakes and experiences to illustrate why I wish I’d learned certain things. If necessary I will change names so that the true identity of those involved won’t be implicated.

I’m hoping more than just pastors will be interested in reading this. That’s why I’m appealing to a wider audience on the blog. So the posts will start coming soon. Give me your honest feedback–unless it’s too mean, then soften it a bit or you’ll crush my spirits.

p.s. Any of you creatives out there, help me out with a better title.


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