Fatherhood So Far

Benjamin Patrick Mitchell was born April 17, 2011. That makes him 12 weeks old now, which is hard to believe. His legs are long and the hair is starting to look a little red, which I get a kick out of because it scares Lindsey a little.

On top of wanting to give you an updated picture of the little guy, I thought I’d share a few things that I have learned about fatherhood thus far:

1. It’s easier than motherhood. Lindsey is phenomenal. She has instincts I cannot comprehend. For instance, Ben seemed to be choking the other day while sitting in his little chair that resembles a sheep. My instinct? “Lindsey!”…and I point to Ben. Why didn’t I sprint over to him? Couldn’t tell you. Logically I’m thinking, “Lindsey’s closer.”  Don’t judge me. Lindsey is great, and I hope to pick up my game so that she feels loved and supported (and so she feels she can trust me with Ben on my day off).

2. It reveals just how selfish I really am. I thought marriage was the ultimate in terms of revealing the selfishness that’s so entrenched in my soul. Nope. Turns out there was another level I didn’t know existed, and fatherhood has revealed it. I want to be able to pick up and go without any inconvenience. If I want to take Lindsey to a movie, I don’t want to think about needing to “pump” (if you don’t get that one, just wait). I don’t want to worry about a sitter or anything. I don’t want road trips to take an extra three hours with an added soundtrack of screams.  Again, stop judging me.

3. It has opened my eyes to the wonders of God. You knew it was coming. I’m a preacher. But even for someone who isn’t a person of faith in God, a child has to bring up some significant questions. Like even if evolution is the best explanation for humankind, doesn’t it seem like there had to be someone overseeing the process? Argue if you will, and some will, but the fact that Ben instinctively knew to make eye contact blew me away.

When he gives me the cheesy grin I love so much, even if it is because he has gas, I’m in awe. I love the little man so much. I can’t imagine life without him from this point on. My life’s not complete because of him, so don’t misunderstand. But he’s part of our family now, and he always will be.

I can’t help but draw parallels when God gives us living expressions of His nature and His love for us. No matter what happens, I’m part of God’s family. No matter what happens in this life, good or bad, terrific or tragic, nothing can separate us from the love of God.

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