Snacking on God

Snacking on God doesn’t make you fat; it does the opposite. Candy bars are made to be snacked on; God is not. Snacking on God leads to a malnourished, starved spirituality. 

Knowing God is my desire. Helping others know God is my passion. That sounds so righteous doesn’t it? Regardless, it’s true. That doesn’t mean I have it all together–if you know me you know that’s true. If you don’t know me, take my word for it. But it doesn’t change how I feel.

Week in and week out I see people who are churched but not changed. In other words, I watch people who’ve been in a church for years but from all estimates possess close to ZERO desire to know GOD more deeply. It’s breaking my heart. If you read this and you’re someone I see week after week and you think, “Is he talking about me?” That may be a good indicator that I am. I’d ask anyone reading, though:

Do you possess a genuine, notable desire for God?

John Piper asks in Desiring God,”If God were not gloriously desirable, why would we feel sorrowful for not feasting fully on His beauty?” Do you  at least feel sorrowful over NOT desiring God?

So many are snacking on God as if He’s an appetizer (myself included most of the time). I long for you to at least DESIRE to feast fully on God’s beauty and the riches of His glory. Oh that we would stop snacking on God!

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