What If Wednesdays

I have struggled writing at least one post a week. I hear in the blogging world that’s pretty common, but on the negative side it leads readers away from blogs because there’s no consistency. So to help keep me regular (pun?) I’d like to begin a “What if” segment. I’ll shoot for doing this every Wednesday since it has a particular literary ring to it: What if Wednesdays.

I’ll pose scenarios and then provide possible answer(s) to the scenario. The scenarios will most likely run along the faith, Christianity, Religion lines, but we’ll see where it goes. What I’d really like, though, kis to hear your feedback, your answers to the what ifs I’ll pose. So don’t leave me hanging here…it’s been silent in the comments for far too long, and I blame my own unreliability for that. So at the very least, on Wednesdays, leave a comment with your opinion on the what if.

To begin, I’ll start with a short one just to get us all in the habit.

What if Christians stopped using the word Christian to describe themselves? Is there a more accurate term? A better suited designation to embody what ‘Christian’ means? Anyone has to admit that declaring oneself a “Christian” brings with it limitless stereotypes. I won’t list them out, but if you would like to do so, feel free!  Here are a couple of options to consider:

Christ-followers. This one points more to the person of Jesus Christ, his life, his teachings, and the expectations he places on those who will “take up his/her cross and FOLLOW him.”

A second option could be Disciples of Christ. Now, unfortunately, a certain Christian denomination has taken that name for themselves. But I think if enough people started using it, we could override said denomination and share the wealth. The word disciples appears 90 or so times in the New Testament, while Christian shows up only twice–could that mean something? Jesus did say, “Go and make disciples..” NOT, “Go and make Christians…” Semantics? Maybe. But the meanings of words change over time as they play out in contexts and cultures (e.g., a screw isn’t really a screw anymore–thanks for that one Tim McGraw).

How about you? What if Christians stopped using the word Christian to describe themselves?


  1. Bobby · August 3, 2011

    I like your blog and when you challenge or inspire me I like to leave you comments (although I’m still waiting for you to return the favor).

    I like your ideas on the name change. A few other suggestions: Followers of the way (like we were referred to in the 1st century) or saints (sure to result in raised eyebrows since we still carry the marks of sin).

    I’m looking forward to more what if Wendsday’s. Should be fun 🙂

    • patricklmitchell · August 3, 2011

      Bobby, the term saints is an interesting one, especially considering the use by the Catholic Church. But saints is an incredible term, especially looking forward to the reward/inheritance of the saints.

  2. Bobby · August 3, 2011


    right on. I think using the term saints for every believer is liable to get a reaction from many and those who define it in RC terms may have some questions in regards to it’s use which would provide a perfect opportunity to claim our new identity in Christ. A much needed gospel for every ear to hear.

    We’ll go much deeper into and farther with Christ if we are reminded of who we are in Him.

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