What if Wednesday: What if You Died Today?

That’s not a fun question is it? But what if…

What would people think? “Thank God he’s gone!” “She’s going to be missed by many.”

What would God say when you stared him in the face (whatever that face is)?”Well done.” “I never knew you.”

What legacy would you leave? “Xbox 360 champion.” “Servant of the least of these.” “Devoted mother and wife.”

What mark would you leave? “Wealthy but stingy.” “Poor but generous.” “Selfless to the end.” “Unceasing worshiper.” “Joyful in all circumstances.”

What would you regret? “I didn’t spend enough time loving my wife.” “I didn’t serve others enough.” “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”

It’s that last question I want to spend more time contemplating and then, in a sense, reverse engineer my life so that I don’t have those regrets. Jonathan Edwards created a list of resolutions (I’d encourage you to read them) that he would review weekly. He was intentional in the way he surveyed his life–and the fruit of such intentionality is evident.

What would you regret at this point?


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