What if Your Church Disappeared?

I’ve heard this question asked before numerous times. The follow up question is this: “Would the world know it was gone? Would the community miss it?” While I’m sure plenty of ‘good’ stuff happens on a weekend at many churches, I think the most honest answer for most of these same churches would be: “No and no.” That is to say, the community has not been radically altered because of the dedication and commitment of the members of said church. The world has not been influenced in the least because the Christians coming out of our churches are so radically different than the world.

That’s not to say some communities wouldn’t miss your Christmas program or Easter cantata. But what would be lacking if your church vanished? How would that affect the local government? Homeless shelters? Food banks? Foster systems? Orphanages? the elderly? Homes for the mentally disabled? etc…

So, what if your church disappeared? Any considerable, noteworthy reason for panic on behalf of the people around the community, city, world?



  1. sincerelysandi · August 24, 2011

    Hey Patrick! Loving your blog–though there are some things I may happen to disagree with (not on this post, though). In Birmingham I went to a much smaller church, but God blessed them to carry out an awesome “Backpack Buddies” program for suburban kids who went hungry on weekends that would be missed

    • patricklmitchell · August 24, 2011

      Sandi, thanks for reading and for commenting. Even if you disagree with something–which is bound to happen with anyone–feel free to comment or push back or ask clarifying questions; it’s the only way we can all keep learning.

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