Lindsey is With Child

When I arrived back in St. Louis last Thursday in order to drive Lindsey and Ben home to Savannah, Lindsey had an early Christmas present waiting for me in the car. She was anxious to see me open it, so I did. It was very light which made me think gift card. But there was no gift card. Instead there it was, a Clearblue pregnancy test with that familiar word–pregnant. She’d used Clearblue the first time with Ben, so maybe that’s the Mitchell signature brand test.

As for me, my eyes got big, I looked intently to make sure it wasn’t a cruel joke, because how funny would it be to put a not pregnant test in a gift box? Pretty funny I think. But it was no joke. I was excited and looked at my crying wife and said, “You’re pregnant!?!” And so began a mix of emotions that lead me to where I am this morning.

Of course I am excited about a new little guy or gal in the family and seeing Ben as a big brother. But sweeping in with great speed are thoughts less pleasant. Thoughts such as, how will I provide? When will I get a job? What kind of job will it be? Will I be able to give my family a house? And on and on they go.

In comes prayer. Be anxious for nothing…that’s the apostle Paul’s expectation. Seek first God’s kingdom…that’s Jesus’ command. So I’m praying along those lines and am asking for your prayers as well. First and foremost that baby Mitchell will be healthy and momma Mitchell (Lindsey) will be healthy and not so nauseous like the first time around. Secondly, I do need to get a decent paying, benefits providing job, so please pray. Lastly, pray I will lead well spiritually by not freaking out, remaining faithful to God’s promises, and supporting Lindsey however I can.

Thanks and I will keep you updated. (By the way, it looks like a late August arrival).


  1. Bobby · December 21, 2011

    Dude, that is excellent news! I’m so happy for you.

    As a father and provider I understand your anxiety over the future and your ability to provide. Remember, our Daddy has the same desires for us as His children only He need not worry for the whole earth is His and the fullness of it and we are fellow heirs with Christ our brother, Saviour and King.

    now that you’re back in the area we should get together sometime for dinner or coffee or something. Hit me up on the twiiter machine or contact me privately through the contact page on my blog and we will make it happen. I’d love to talk with you about the impact Patterson’s book had on you.

  2. Jessica · December 21, 2011

    wow, I really need to hear those words…”Seek first God’s Kingdom, that’s Jesus’ command. Thank you!
    Congratulations on the soon to be new addition!

  3. patricklmitchell · December 21, 2011

    Bobby, we definitely should get together after the holidays.

    And thanks for the congrats Jessica. Let me know what you do with the encouragement to seek first God’s kingdom.

  4. Melanie Feathers · December 25, 2011

    Pat- y’all are both faithful & God is always faithful. Please take solice that Jonathan and I understand the trials of ministry and waiting on God to reveal His plan. You, Lindsey, Ben, and the new little one are in our prayers .

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