Waiting on a Woman

Acutally we’re waiting on a little girl, a baby girl to be exact. If you’re from the south or have spent much time in the south, you’ll understand when I say of Lindsey and this pregnancy: BLESS HER HEART.

The baby (aka Nora Jane) is taking her toll on Lindsey, like an unstoppable rebel force if you really want to know. The doctor said on Friday that he expects Nora’s arrival within the week. To which Lindsey exclaimed, “Mother of Pearl! Please!” But seriously; she’s hopeful. I’m more concerned with raising a female.

Ben has been fairly chill and laid back. I fear this girl will come out demanding a pony for some reason. Maybe I’m playing it up in my head, but the thought of raising a girl in this world is terrifying. I mean I’ve been to the beach recently, and what I saw was horrendous–no, not the guy trying to pull off the Daniel Craig James Bond trunks. I’m talking about the young “ladies” who formed a circle and proceeded to, as R. Kelly put it, “Bump-n-grind.” Sheesh.

Help me, Lord. Amen.

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