Abortion, Obama, America, Jesus, and You

The politics of Jesus scarcely align with the politics of a political party–any political party, including the Republican Party, and I do not self-designate as Democrat or Republican or Green or Tea or Libertarian or whatever else there is. (Note: If you disagree with me on Jesus’ politics then sit down, open the Gospels and read. And if you want to dialogue then comment with your Scripture reference and question and I’d love to talk).

Regarding the response to the election, those with whom I take issue are the Facebook faithful who spew vitriolic venom in the name of standing up for, I can only assume, God…or maybe country….for many they are difficult to tease apart. Remember, every careless word will be accounted for. But the fatalistic cries of America’s demise are loud–or at least are written in ALL CAPS. And so I offer this piece of advice on moving forward as an American, but more importantly as a Christian IN America (you will have to decide which one of those identities holds more sway in your life).

If you’re distraught over the results of the election, as many are, and as a Christian are concerned with unborn babies (which is a legitimate concern), Facebook cannot do anything for you. You can write and scathe and claim that Obama kills babies–but such fanatical and nonsensical rhetoric is simply a waste of time. Let’s not forget that Mr. Romney has his own loopholes for when it’s okay to kill a baby.

So what about moving forward–and I’m thinking particularly in the realm of a person’s right to live, babies and adults alike. Consider what changes you can make in your own life to do something about it. For instance, instead of Facebook filibustering over the horror of 4 more years and the babies who will die in that span, consider adopting an unwanted baby or two or three. Or perhaps become a foster parent for kids who have been tossed around by the system. Pray over volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center–I have a feeling God won’t answer,” No, don’t do that.”

Abortion is a hot button issue. It’s a biblical issue. I want every baby to live. That’s why Lindsey and I are committed to adopting a child. The hope we have to offer another is not in the Constitution but in Christ, the hope of glory. Wave the Stars and Stripes proudly if you will, but no President, no Congress, and no Constitution keeps the Church from being the Church.

The easy course of action is to continue pecking away at the keys and waiting for the emotional high of seeing the red notification that someone has liked your status. Hold picket signs, stand holding hands on sanctity of life Sunday, but do consider the course of action that most terrifies you and pray over it. Adoption is scary because you never know who you are going to get, who they’ll grow up to become, etc. Foster parenting must be scary. Volunteering and speaking with those girls who are on the most volatile physical, spiritual, and emotional ride of their lives is uncomfortable and even inconvenient.

…What will I do? What will you do? What will the Church do? Who cares what Congress or a President says? The Church is the Church is the Church. So let’s be the Church. We can speak passionately, but only with respect and only after weighing our words. The ‘least of these’ are no less cared for if our convictions culminate in a status update. God help us.

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