A Poem for Jeremy: Alas, dear friend, you have survived!

Five years ago today I lost one of my two best friends. A son, brother,  and follower of Jesus, Jeremy Dwayne Frye was a light in the midst of a dark world. I wrote this for him. I hope in your reading it you get a sense of how those who knew Jeremy feel on a daily basis, but especially at this time of year.


Too soon gone,
But not before your time,
Our days all numbered,
Your life and mine.

In God’s presence,
All wrong made right,
Heavenly hosts rejoice,
Your faith now sight.

Family and friends remember,
As Christmas bells ring,
Five years or 10,000,
No less days to sing.

The trees are topped,
Bitter cold has arrived,
But alas, dear friend,
You have survived!

The end is nearing,
Until we embrace,
With each passing year,
Our memories, God’s grace.

Until we meet again, dear brother.

One comment

  1. Danny Mitchell · December 5, 2013

    Never forgotten.

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