Let’s Give Herod Credit

Herod was threatened by baby Jesus.


Because Jesus was BORN king of the Jews.

Herod manipulated and maneuvered and murdered his way onto the throne.

The Jews were ready for the Messiah, but not the kind of Messiah Jesus came to be.

He wouldn’t kill to liberate his people. But he would die to save them.

Herod was threatened by baby Jesus.

So he acted on it. He sought to have Jesus killed.

When it comes down to it, you can do what Herod did. You can try to suppress the one born to be king.

But be not fooled. This king, should you choose to surrender instead, will not be lord of bits and pieces of your life.

He’ll either be Lord of all or not lord at all. So be honest with yourself. Suppression or surrender?

Whichever you choose, act on it.

May we not say to Jesus in word or deed, “Give me your forgiveness! But stay out of my marriage, my finances, my private life, my immoral dating relationship, my bitter heart, my unforgiving spirit.”

The one born to be King demands it all.

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