Pastors Are Saved by Grace Through Faith, Too

tpjThis book, and post, is meant for pastors. So if you aren’t a pastor, do your pastor a favor and buy this book for him.

For any pastor who has ever been tempted to measure your worth by the “effectiveness” of your ministry, this book is for you.

Your numbers are lagging behind your goals and cause you to shudder when someone asks what you are running–this book is for you. You have been successful by all measures the experts give, but you feel somewhat empty–this book is for you.

You are successful by all measures and feel proud, accomplished, maybe like you’re an expert yourself! Dear pastor, this book is for you.

Pastoral ministry is dangerous for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that an unhealthy pastor makes an unhealthy church (all things being equal). But of course ministry also has its good times. Anyone seasoned in ministry knows that it “is a trove of glories and deaths” (p.24).

But the experts aside, what if, as Wilson suggests, real success if faithfulness? Ugh. That’s harder to measure. Nobody invites you to speak at a conference and cites being “faithful” as your foremost credential.

The book is split between the Pastor’s Heart and the Pastor’s Glory. But this isn’t a split down the middle. 75% of the book focuses on your heart. It’s chapter after chapter speaking to the grand realities of WHO you’re called to be in light of what you’re called to do [and is an exposition of sorts of 1 Peter 5:1-11].

You’ll chuckle at the inside jokes known only to pastors. But you’ll be cut to the core by the unavoidable soul-audits that take place along the way.

So be prepared. If you’re comfortable where you sit, whether lowly or lofty, then pick up another leadership book that tells you how to take it (whatever it is) to the next level.

But if you would like to be reintroduced to ministry through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ, then take and read. Experience the amens of your soul as you think anew about what it means that you, not just your congregants, are saved by grace through faith and NOthing more, or less.

I don’t know how else to tell you, pastor, except to say that for the good of your soul and the joy of your people, read this book.

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