No iPhone, No Cry (Sorry Bob Marley)

It’s been seven whole days since I parted ways with my smart cellular device. I would like to think there’s significance with the number 7 in my life like in the Bible, but there’s not.

The real question is has anything changed? I think so.

Here are two of the most palpable changes I’ve experienced thus far:

1. I pray more. I’m aware not everyone reading this is a Jesus follower, but I am. And without that rectangular marvel of connectivity in my hand, I’m more connected to God in prayer than I have been in a long time. That’s probably because I used to fill silent times with surfing Twitter or Facebook. But now I just sit and think. And when I think, I pray.

2. I’m present more. Present to what’s happening around me and, in particular, to who’s around me, even if that means in the car next to me. I wonder about their story, what God may be doing in their life, and so forth. I’m more present to conversations with my wife, Lindsey. There’s no real competition, unless a Duke game is on–but at least I can pause it. I’m also present to the kids more.

“Tackle dada” is what I come home to. That’s because Ben and I have a routine of tackling one another on my bed. Nora Jane, of course, cannot be left out, so she gets tossed around as well. But I feel freer to be present to them and not be distracted from what’s most important in the moment.filepicker_bW1EQR8RgeNtWUKZbK7y_Back To The Future 1

All in all, I feel like Marty McFly, traveling back in time having experienced the future in its fullest. “You’ll never go back!” was the exclamation I received from folks when I first got an iPhone. They knew the strangle hold of the device. But it’s a gentle strangle, ever so slight that you don’t realize you’re suffocating until you can’t imagine what it’s like not to be suffocated.

But I overcame the adversity (which is what athletes say about their team after a win even if they’ve won 30 games in a row), and I did the impossible (which really isn’t impossible at all–anyone could do it, and I’m sure I’m not alone).

We can make all kinds of excuses for why we don’t make changes in our lives that we know need to be made. Is there anything in your life that needs adjusting?

I dare you to do something about it.


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