The Scariest Thing About Jesus Is…

caravaggio-thomas-7He makes himself known.

Thomas wanted to see the nail-pierced hands and spear-pierced side of Jesus that he might believe. And Jesus showed up.

We give Thomas a bad name for this, for he’s only wanting to see what the other disciples had already seen.

Mary Magdalene saw the empty tomb and cried out to see Jesus. Though she didn’t recognize him at first, when he called her by name she knew. Jesus showed up.

When the disciples are shut up inside the upper room after Jesus’ death for fear that they’ll meet the same fate, the locked doors can’t keep Jesus out. He showed up.

Why is this scary? Because if Jesus takes it upon himself to show up and make himself known, then all are without excuse. There’s no, “If I had just had more evidence…” People saw Jesus post-resurrection and still didn’t believe. Evidence alone won’t do. Keeping God at arm’s length and demanding more and more proof leads to death.

But, as Will Willimon has said, when by faith we cross the line of belief, we see glimpses of resurrection all around. We see God’s hand at work on the canvas of lives all around. And I see that He’s still working on me.

So lock your doors. Shut him out. Demand proof. Jesus will show up. Then what?

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