When God Interrupts

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to say something or answer a question and someone cuts you off? If I had a way of cutting you off while you read I would, just to prove a point.

Those people are the worst.

I do it, though. Mostly to my dear wife who, for some reason, has yet to throw my stuff on the lawn.

It’s like I get what she’s trying to say before she’s done saying it and respond…Wife, interrupted. She’s never said, “Honey, you knew exactly what I was going to say! Thank you for finishing my thought for me!”

For years I’ve been talking. I tend to speak at such a rate that my mind can’t always keep up, which has landed me in some awkward situations.

More specifically, I’ve been talking on behalf of God for years. I guess you could say I’ve been his mouthpiece. Not the only one, but at least one. I’ve received no new revelations or visions, so don’t freak out. But as I read the Bible or read people who read the Bible, I speak.

Over the last several months I’ve had this sense, call it an instinct, that God is interrupting. Only he’s not trying to affirm what I would have said if I’d been able to finish. He’s cutting me off so I can’t finish. As if he’s saying, “You’ve been so confident in what matters most, but I’m sick of hearing you major on minors.

“I’m tired of you policing preachers and critiquing communicators.”

“I’m sick of hearing you preach justification by grace through faith + right doctrine that ultimately doesn’t change the way you love people or obey Jesus .”

“I’m bored by your commentary on the scriptures in sermon form.”

I suppose these are some of the inherent dangers of speaking on God’s behalf as part of one’s vocation. But as one under God’s authority, he has full right and reign to interrupt. He’s the one who interrupts and to whom I can respond, “Thank you.” I wonder how many times before he’s interrupted and I’ve just spoken over his interruption…

Does God ever interrupt you?

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