Don’t Argue for a Literal 6-Day Creation and Not Do This…………

You can’t

argue for a 6-day, 24-hour


and not….

observe a Sabbath day. A day of rest. A day to be. A day to recover from your six hard days of laboring as unto the Lord.

If God, who needs no rest, took it upon himself to establish a day of rest, a holy–set apart day, then how is it you justify not resting one day?

Well if I don’t work the overtime we won’t have enough…

–That’s what Israel thought in the wilderness even though God already said he’d provide enough for the 7th day if they were faithful in the 6.

Jesus observed Sabbath. Even he rested. So what’s your excuse?

Perhaps Sabbath and taking a day off to refocus and refresh is really a matter of trusting God.

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