Being Pro Life is Bigger than Party Politics

The quicksand in which Planned Parenthood finds itself grasping for any relief or aid is not firming up any time soon. Videos continue to be released that depict the despicable details associated with abortion, early or late. When verbiage such as crunching and crushing are used, the tone is hardly mistakable.

This isn’t just murder; it’s sadism for profit.

If anything, the surfacing of these videos has put a spotlight once again on the pro choice / pro life debate. The pro choicers have to violate laws of logic to maintain that worldview, but I want to talk to pro life people, of which I am one.

Being pro life is bigger than party politics. Democrat. Libertarian. Tea Party. Independent. Republican. Each party has pro life tendencies.

What!!! Democrats kill babies!!

Slow your roll.

Why do I say even Dems have pro life tendencies? I say it not because of their position on abortion, but their outlook on helping people once outside of the womb.

I have written before about how being pro life is more expansive than simply being against abortion–which has to be where it begins. But it doesn’t stop there.

For all who spit venom against abortion advocacy, the shouts boomerang back to us in question form: What are you (what am I) doing to support life?

– Am I counseling pregnant women?

– Am I adopting?

– Am I funding adoptions?

– Am I, either through my church or a parachurch ministry, working to alleviate hunger, nakedness, thirst, homelessness, joblessness, etc.? As one satirical cartoon portrays, Republicans will do anything to get you born, but once born you’d better not slow anyone else down or be in need. If you are, it’s your fault.

– Am I fostering?

– Am I housing pregnant teens and showing them a better way?

The questions go on and on and on and on.

What am I doing to show, not just speak, that I am pro life?

It’s easy to make a point, whether on a blog or Twitter or Facebook. It’s easy to get applause during a sermon. But what difference are you making? What difference am I making?

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