Happy Birthday to My Beloved




You are a joy in spite of having been pregnant for the last five years. I can’t even imagine the struggle you’ve put your body and emotions through. I know it has a mental effect because milk doesn’t go in the pantry. You’ve excelled at being mom. I go back and look at the pictures that mark our journey over the last 9 years and am blown away to see how you’ve become more beautiful inside and out….and when I say beautiful on the outside I’m talking hot, caliente, en fuego! (I’d put a chili pepper emoji here). Inside of course, it’s your love for the Lord and His kingdom that has grown and blossomed that has made all the difference.

Marriage is a sanctifying force unlike any other, and we’re both closer to the image of Christ because of it. He’s used you to reveal where I’ve tried to shut the Spirit out. He’s used you to make me a better preacher, teacher, pastor, and friend. You challenge me when others are silent, and it’s so sweet to my soul. Somehow I’ve come home everyday and you haven’t thrown all of my stuff in the yard, which is miraculous considering how many times I’ve been a jerk and antagonist and just flat out selfish.

Here we are on this amazing road together, part of one another’s story in the most beautiful of ways. We could never or would have never written it the way it’s gone. It’s scary to think how much easier of a story we would’ve chosen to write, but how much less fun would it have been to read?

I know people hear us talk sometimes and must think, “Why’d they have all these kids if they drive ’em crazy all the time?” To which we say, ” Come into our home and experience the cyclone of emotion that is 4.5, 3, and 1.5 + third trimester pregnant. We have some tough moments. But we love the madness. And while you’re at it, keep your judgment to yourself.” Yes, we say all that.

You do you, babe. Because there’s only one of you and you’re the only one I want. Have some of those Snickers bites and pound some decaf caramel frappes and get your nails done and binge on some Grey’s Anatomy (it’s not real, just a reminder). Here’s to you and us–growing older, earning wrinkles, wondering how we’ll survive at times, wishing we knew where Caroline is hiding all the caps to the markers, a dirty van, lots of ‘for the loves’, and a general sense of desperation. Life with you is incredible. Happy 33.



Our newest snow bunny




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