Is your life absurd?


The word gets thrown around quite a bit. I probably use it in reference to my kids more than anything. Because, well, they’re absurd. They are foolish, illogical, and unreasonable. And I love the mess out of them.

But to use absurd appropriately, it most literally means “out of tune,” stemming from the Latin root surdus, which means deaf or dull. It’s that root I want to linger on for a moment.

Henri Nouwen made the spiritual connection for us all, writing that absurd living–illogical, out of tune living–is living deaf to the still small voice in which God makes His presence known.

[If you’re a Christian blogger, you’re require to include”still small voice” in at least one post per year.] QUOTA MET

This deaf or absurd living, Nouwen continues, is evinced in 

“being filled yet unfulfilled, being busy yet bored, being involved yet lonely, these are symptoms of the absurd life.” (read more in The Dance of Life

If there’s a more apt description of American’s lives I don’t know what it is. And what an indictment that it’s as much  descriptor of life in the church as well. Which leads me to believe that the bulk of evangelicals don’t spend much time listening for the still small voice. One more podcast. Another conference. Oh a livestream? There are endless diversions to make certain we remain deaf. 

Perhaps, like Elijah, God will drive us into a cave for some reason and then we will pay attention to what matters most. 

What space do you create to listen? When are your antenna attuned to the still small voice? 

Haven’t we lived absurd lives for long enough? 

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