Haunted by Eden


100% historically accurate recreation of Eden

To read of Eden is to read of perfection. A world without suspicion. Full trust. How amazing would that be? Expecting the best of everyone with a pure heart. Having pure motives in all endeavors.

Well, tough. It doesn’t exist any more. Not yet anyways. That’s the new creation, which is the old creation 2.0.

But we sense Eden lingering all around. It’s an innate feeling that this thing, that person, this experience should be better.

I’ve written before about being a dreamer. It’s tough being a dreamer while haunted by Eden (a phrase I borrowed from John Eldredge but promise to give back when I’m done).

Because I basically live in a fairy tale world.

In said world, I have the perfect job. I do only the things I’m good at and that energize and excite me and NONE of the other stuff. It’s an amazing world. I also get paid very well in that world.

But we live east of Eden. Beyond perfect but with the taste left in our mouths.

So to those dreaming of perfection or complaining about imperfections, it’s time to get real. Let’s own who we are and the world in which we live and choose to do the most to make the best of it.

And not just make the best of it, but to make it better. Do something better. Anything. Anyone is welcome to join me in the endeavor to become more of a doer. But some of you doers may need to sit and dream a bit. You do you.

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