Change is hard.

That’s what people say. Whoever people are…

And it is. Usually, change is hard, especially on the moving front.

Different place, different people, different responsibilities, different school, different church, different Walmart.

But how much really changes?

Walmart is still awful (but necessary). Work is work. My 4-year-old still acts 4, and my 2-year-old still makes staying in her bed a hill to die on. And, yes, Chick-fil-a is still closed on Sundays.

Some things will be the same regardless of latitude and longitude.

Jesus is also the same (didn’t see that coming, did ya?).

He’s the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

There’s comfort in that reality. That regardless of space or time, Jesus is Jesus. He’s Lord. He’s in control. He’s holding all things together.

No politician or movement will ever change that.

Praise be.



One comment

  1. Danny · June 29, 2018

    Still have the same parents who love you and Lindsey so much. Kids have the same Nanna and Papaw just a few miles further away. Somethings change, but our Father in an anchor

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